Men Against Domestic Violence

Hunks4hope 2019 calendar now available!!

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1st annual hunks4hope

Fundraiser & Toy Drive

Friday December 14th 6-9pm

@YWCA Brooklyn

Tickets: $20

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Domestic Violence Can have devastating and long lasting effects

Healing Begins with you

We provide the tools and the support



Find out more about how we assist victims of Domestic Violence. It takes a lot more than likes!  Help us support our amazing programs by purchasing a calendar today! 

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meet the men OF HUNKS4HOPE

Take a closer look at the men who support Hunks 4 Hope! Be sure to tune into our Facebook page for live chats and updates about our hunks and events!



Our Cause, Our Community 


Empowering Women Through Challenging Stigmas

Hunks4Hope runs annual Women's Empowerment events that teach women and men about self-love, self-awareness, fiscal responsibility and offers a different perspective about past potentially traumatic experiences.  

Impacting Lives Through Education

Hunks4Hope works with local schools in order  to bring about a message of loving yourself, family, and community. We teach yoga and meditation classes to families who are interested in maintaining a mind, body, and spirit connection. 


Helping Survivors of Trauma and Their Families

Proceeds from our calendar sales go toward local grassroots domestic violence charities such as Casa Esparanza Para Mujeres Y Ninos (House of Hope for Women and Children) & Milagros Day Worldwide. 


Honoring Our Work With the YWCA Brooklyn

For the past four years, Hunks 4 Hope has been committed to serving the community through our support of the residents at the YWCA. We provide a yearly empowerment workshop as well as on demand free self defense courses provided by our martial arts instructor Ronnie.


Nurturing and Supporting Emerging Groups That Support Survivors of Trauma

Hunks4Hope supports groups with resources and support  that are newly emerging and are willing to align forces to combat the effects of trauma in our communities. Our newest partnership is with Hunks4Hope Volunteers: Lila's Lilies Empowerment Group.

community service & Fundraising

Hunks4Hope continues to provide community services to victims of Domestic Violence and trauma through fundraising efforts and through the sale of their 2018 Hunks4Hope Calendar.  Part of the proceeds are shared with two outstanding grassroots sister Domestic Violence organizations: Milagros Day Worldwide & Casa Esperanza. The remaining proceeds go toward Hunks4Hope's Domestic Violence Awareness & Empowerment Workshops.  Help us continue to make a much needed difference in our communities.

support the cause

Hunks 4 Hope publishes a yearly calendar featuring male models. The proceeds go towards assisting survivors of Domestic Violence. Hunks 4 Hope also donates proceeds to two grassroots DV organizations: Casa Esperanza and Milagros Day Worldwide. Hunks4Hope is dedicated to eradicating Domestic Violence through education and by developing a unique support system which includes men, Hunks 4 Hope is based on encouraging self-development and self-love through community. By joining forces with local Domestic Violence prevention advocates and charities, Hunks 4 Hope wishes to cater to community needs in an attempt to combat domestic violence. 

Through fostering a sense of purpose, and by providing tools for personal growth and developing self-awareness, Hunks 4 Hope will continue its efforts to assist and care for survivors and their families. Hunks 4 Hope was the recent winner of the YWCA's 2016 Purple Partner's Organization Of Excellence Award. This award was bestowed in honor of Hunks 4 Hope's strong commitment to domestic violence awareness and continued advocacy for the rights of survivors creating lasting positive change in the community. 



Q: What are some of the signs that I may be in an abusive relationship?

A: Some of the signs are that you partner has control over you, your children or your finances. Your partner is physically or verbally threatening. You fear going home.  You feel helpless, alone, trapped or isolated. Your partner hits or berates you. Your partner puts limits or restraints on you (ie. you can't use your phone, you have to be back home at a certain time etc.

Q: Can Men Be abused?

A: Yes.  Men can also be victims of domestic violence.  There are support groups and resources for men.  If you identify as a male and need assistance, you can contact us.

Q: what are some of the signs that my partner may be abusive?

A: Feels justified in hitting or verbally degrading you. Blames others for their actions. Drinks alcohol heavily or argues and/or hits when they are stressed. Does not believe that their violent behavior should have consequences. Presents a dual personality. Uses threats and violence as a control mechanism.




Hunks4Hope Men Against Domestic Violence



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